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We take paver pool deck sealing to a whole new level

We Do More Than Just Clean Your Pool Deck

Anybody can pressure wash and seal a paver pool deck, but at Pro Paver Clean and Seal we do far more then simply cleaning and sealing your paver pool deck, we restore them to their original-and sometimes even better than-new look. Check out some of our recent paver pool deck cleaning and sealing projects.

Travertine paver pool deck

Interlocking brick paver pool deck

Paver pool deck

Environmentally Friendly Paver Sealant

We are proud to announce our exclusive use of an environmentally friendly , non-solvent paver sealer. Unlike most paver sealers Seal N Lock has low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s.) According to the EPA, VOC’s are bad for the environment. This revolutionary paver pool deck sealer can also be used on the same day as the pavers are cleaned. No more waiting days for the pavers to dry out. No glossy surface that can trap moisture and milky white spots later on due to moisture trapped under the sealer. You can use your pool the same day and your driveway in 48 hours! It can also be applied over previously sealed pavers depending on how worn off the sealer is. Read the Seal N Lock story at

How We Clean And Seal Your Pool Deck Pavers


  1. Analysis: Evaluate the condition of your pavers , provide a written proposal, and recommend any repairs that are needed.

  3. Deep Clean: Clean with very hot high pressure water and a rotary surface cleaner for deep cleaning, along with a broad spectrum fungicidal agent to kill any mildew or algae that is growing in the joints. There may be some stains that cannot be removed, but we carry several detergents to attack and remove the ones that can.

  5. Paver Prep: Clean sand is then washed into the joints to fill them to approximately 1/8 inch below the chamfor edge. Sand is very important in the joints. Don’t let anyone seal your pavers without replacing the sand that was washed out!

  7. Seal: Apply 1-2 coats of sealer to protect and beautify your pavers and lock in the sand. Seal ‘N Lock is an excellent sand stabilizer. It hardens the sand so it doesn’t wash out, and makes it more difficult (although not impossible,) for weeds and ants to take purchase.

  9. Clean Up: Lastly we vacuum as much sand and dirt out of your pool as we can and are out of your hair that day (on most jobs.) You can use your pool and return your furniture the next day. On driveways you need to wait 48 hours to drive on it.

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Cleaning and Sealing Your Pool Deck Can Make A HUGE Difference

This Saint Petersburg Pool Deck had extensive weed growth that had to be removed. After cleaning, it was sealed with Seal N Locks “natural luster” for a natural look. The hardened sand will minimize weeds from growing and ant intrusions.

Pool deck in Clearwater with no drainage. 1 to 2 inches of water sat against the house after a rain. The mildew algae was actually growing THROUGH these poor quality pavers. Sealing stopped the growth, but unfortunately can’t fix a poor quality paver installation. Ready to have your paver cleaned and sealed? Contact Us.

Snell Island, St. Petersburg unsealed Pool Deck cleaned and sealed. Why wait until your pavers look like this. Call us after installation and let us protect your investment.

Bayou Club, Pinellas Park. Pool Deck Cleaned and sealed. After the sealing the colors in the pavers really pop!

Are your pool deck pavers in need of attention?

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Why Do You Need To Seal Your Pool Deck Pavers?

Most installers don’t seal paver pool decks after they install them. This allows pavers to absorb anything dripped on them along with dirt and mildew growth that will generally discolor them. The sun will fade the color and weeds will grow in the joints. Sealing helps preserve the color and prevent stains. Seal ‘N Lock sealer also locks in the sand to minimize weed growth, ant mounds and wash outs. Cleaning is easy as the sand wont be washed away with regular light pressure cleaning. We do recommend you have us seal your pavers every 2-3 years on pool decks or 2 years on driveways.

What do you do when your pavers start looking like these? Call us!

We have the knowledge and the equipment to fix this problem. We can take off the old sealer and re-seal them properly. Be careful though. Other contractors will put some kind of solvent that will soften the sealer, (not strong enough to take it off,) then re-seal with the same stuff. It will look great for 3-6 months (after you’ve paid them,) then will turn back to the same ugly problem. Talk to us first. We can restore them.See an example of paver stripping and restoration sealing at

Below are Examples of Improperly Sealed Pavers.

Each one of these were sealed with solvent based sealers, and the sealer was over applied. Milky spots show up when water gets trapped under the sealer, whether because of not enough dry time before applying sealer or just over application. It is very difficult to fix this, but we have the experience to remove any type of sealer and reseal them properly, making your pavers look like you wanted when you made the investment in the first place. Click here to see how we do it-

Want an excellent read on how to do it yourself?

Check this resource out from ICPI. Cleaning Sealing and Joint sand stabilization of interlocking concrete pavers Yeah, it’s a lot to read but we make it look easy so it’s probably easier for you to just use us, right?

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