Paver Striping & restoration

for brick, concrete and travertine pavers

In need of paver striping or restoration for your pool deck or driveway?

Pro Paver Clean and Seal specializes in Paver Stripping and Restoration of paver pool decks and driveways. That means chemically removing old ugly paver sealer that was improperly applied by another contractor or the homeowner. The big box stores sell brands that are easy to use for the average DIYer, but with little or no instruction on the proper preparation of the surface. Often these sealers just are not very good and don’t hold up, or worse, make the pavers look terrible. Even a good quality paver sealer can be applied badly by an untrained person. But more often than not we get called to look at some pavers that another paver sealing contractor sealed. Sometimes it was the paver installer. Other times it was the painter who added it with the house painting. Other times it was Joe handyman or the lawn service. (I once saw a plumber that advertised paver sealing.) Every one wants the extra business so they sell a service that they have no experience in. The results can be seen in these pictures:

Here are some examples of our paver striping and restoration work:

Pavers over sealed when wet

Acrylic sealer turning white from trapped moisture white blush

Blotchy Sealer

Excessive sealer application

Before Pro Pressure Clean & Seal

Blotchy sealer stripped and re-sealed

Pavers sanded too high and sealed in

Stripped, sanded to correctly level and sealed.
Very heavy sealer with excessive sand sealed in.

Poor sealer application on Travertine

Travertine stripped and re-sealed properly

Pavers over sealed when wet

Have your pavers turned white?

If so, you can wait it out until it disappears, usually 5-10 years. Yeah I know this isn’t a very attractive option. But the alternate is to call us. We can make your pavers look like you wanted them to when you installed them. Before you call us though, please understand this is a very involved process and is not cheap. Prices range from $2.00/sf to $4.00/sf depending on size and difficulty.

Pro Paver Clean and Seal has developed a process that will remove sealers that have turned white, are de-laminating or the sealer is so thick the pavers are dangerously slick.

Once we have completed the process of removing the old, improperly applied sealer we then re-seal them correctly with Seal ‘n Lock paver sealer.

You paid good money to make your deck or driveway look wonderful. Let us help you get them back to what you had in mind with our paver stripping and restoration service

Ready to restore your pavers?

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