Paver stones in commercial settings:

Pavers-such as interlocking brick and concrete pavers and even travertine and natural stone are becoming the 1st choice of not only homeowners but businesses like hotels, shopping centers and even city streets and sidewalks for their attractiveness and ease of maintenance.  Pavers may be more expensive up front, but over the long run are much cheaper to maintain.  Just pop out a few of the pavers, do any repairs to whatever is below them and pop ’em back in.  As opposed to sawing through concrete and having to re-pour it or re-asphalt, paver maintenance is very inexpensive.


In North America, paver installations run about 1 sq foot per person annually. In Europe pavers installations run about 100sq ft per person annually.  That’s almost 4 billion square feet of pavers laid annually in Europe!  We are still way behind in the US but pavers are getting more and more popular, especially in Florida and the Tampa Bay area.  Commercial paver installations still need to be sealed!  For one, cleaning is much easier.  Oil and automobile fluids don’t penetrate and foul up a beautiful  paver hardscape.  Chewing gum is easier to remove.  Mildew and algae don’t grow as easily.  There many more reasons why pavers should be sealed but the main one is just plain looks.  Sealing adds color that the sun has faded out and gives the pavers a nice shine for added curb appeal.

Choice of paver brands is still a headache of course but a good architect can  give you good advice.  We like Flagstone pavers the best because of their density and looks but there are many other good brands to chose from too.


Pro Pressure Clean and Seal is the leader in paver sealing in the Tampa Bay Area

We always use Seal N Lock paver sealers for beautiful results


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Here are a few commercial paver installations we have cleaned and sealed in the past.  Or check out our Gallery on our Portfolio page.


paver sealing on condo pool deckspaver driveway sealed with Seal N Lock

Paver Driveway on Harbor Islandsealed Paver pool deck at resort hotel


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