Failed paver sealer or white paver sealer.

You have just had pavers installed and they look beautiful.  The big question is “do I need to seal them?”  Some installers offer this service at the completion of the job , but many don’t offer it because you typically have to wait a minimum of 30 days to seal, and the installers want to get paid and move on to the next job.  Unfortunately, the installers that do offer sealing often barely put enough sealer on to last 6 months to a year because they gave you a really low price to entice you into using them in the first place, or worse, they put the sealer on when the pavers are damp or so severely over-apply the sealer that it traps moisture and turns white.  You now have failed paver sealer. When using a solvent based sealer pavers must be completely dry-several days dry.  Many water based sealers also require dry pavers, just not as long.  Find out what your contractor is using and verify they are following the proper procedures. Then there are the Sealing specialists that over apply the sand and seal it in so that it looks like grout.  The sand is supposed to be at approximately 1/8th inch below the chamfor edge.  This the ICPI standard.  Too high and it will crack and lift away sometimes staining the paver edges where it bonded to the pavers.  Sand at the right depth  and won’t wash out as easily in heavy rains, and when stabilized with a good sealer, allows the water to runoff the surface into the joint and channels it away to the drain.

So, you’ve gotten them sealed and they have turned white.  What can you do?  Call Pro Pressure Clean and Seal, the professional paver restoration Tampa Bay.  We can fix them.

Here are some examples of over application or failed paver sealing:

white paver sealer

Really bad sealing job

Paver sealing Saint Pete

Stripped, treated and re-sealed

failed paver sealer

failed paver seal

Bad polymeric application. stripped and resealed

Bad polymeric application. stripped and resealed


How to fix failed paver sealer.

Most of the time the sealer needs to be stripped off and start over.  It isn’t cheap but call us and we can fix it. Whenever you hire a contractor, make sure he is qualified, check references or look at Angies list for ratings.  Check licensing.  Did you know Pinellas County and all the counties surrounding it require a license for this type of work?  A  lot of contractors ignore that fact.  Don’t get taken advantage of by someone who does poor work like this:  Botched paver sealing

This is another list of the whys and fixes for Paver Sealer turned white

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